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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I had the pleasure of viewing the ‘Document Scotland’ exhibition at FotoSpace in the Rothes Halls just yesterday. Really, a fine and thoughtful series of projects. It goes without saying that the photographs themselves were, without exception, quite excellent. I’d like to see much more of this; in larger galleries and throughout Scotland. So, best wishes to all, Tom Normand.

    • Many thanks indeed Tom, it is really much appreciated you took the time to visit our show, and also to leave a comment. We’re glad you’ve enjoyed it. We have other shows planned and will keep you informed of where and when they’ll be! Best wishes for now, Jeremy and all at Document Scotland.

  2. Hi, just seen the Friends of Kinniel have promoted the new Document Scotland app on ITunes. Is their any chance of an Android version being released at any point in time?

  3. Allison Street Baths?

    Lived in Boyd Street 1947 to 1962, you mean the Calder Street Baths!!!
    How could you get that basic point wrong?
    Where’s your research, glancing at the subject would have told you it was Calder Street!
    Jeez, have to ask myself, what else you got wrong?


    • Indeed Barry, you are correct, it was a mistake on our part. It is indeed Calder Street Baths, thanks for pointing it out. – Jeremy

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