Scotland has a long and pioneering tradition in documentary photography, indeed some might argue that we invented the genre.

Set against many of the great historical events of the age, Scotland has a rich tradition of producing outstanding work by a multitude of committed, passionate and skilful photographers. Reflecting society as a whole, Scottish photographers have been part of the great global waves of exploration and emigration which has defined Scottish life over the last two centuries. In addition, Scotland has provided a canvas for many celebrated international photographers who have used the country as a backdrop to make their own work.

It is with this sense of a place and history that we have established Document Scotland.

Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard and Stephen McLaren are four Scots-born photographers, each exponents of documentary photography in our own individual ways. We have lived and worked extensively both at home and abroad. Our work has been published in the pages of some of the most important international magazines, we have won numerous awards and exhibited internationally. We are passionate about documentary photography and we are committed to photographing Scotland.

Now, in a sense, Caledonia is calling.

In the period during which all four of us have been working, Scotland has undergone great change. The monolithic industrial age is behind us. We have moved into the realm of devolved Government with a Scottish Parliament established to represent an increasingly diverse and multicultural nation. Photography too has changed, historically photography has always been a means of communicating ideas, now, with vast technological advances, our visual culture can be disseminated instantly and democratically to a globally audience. We are excited to be documentary photographers making work in Scotland at this pivotal and dynamic time.

Our aspiration is to make work and engage in a discourse which will form a vital component of the history and conversation of our nation tomorrow. We hope to leave a visual document, a testimony to the extraordinary times we are living in.

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