Some of the books we read and love :

Thomas Annan; ‘Photographs Of The Old Closes And Streets Of Glasgow 1868/1877’

Chick Chalmers; ‘Life In The Orkney Islands’

Raymond Depardon; ‘Glasgow’

Robin Gillanders; ‘Highland Journey’

Robin Gillanders; Alex Hamilton Finlay; ‘Little Sparta’

Fay Godwin; ‘The Whisky Roads of Scotland’

Colin Gray; ‘In Sickness and In Health’

Richard Kearton, Cherry Kearton; “Camera on St Kilda”

Tom Kidd; ‘Black Gold Tide, 25 Years of Oil in the Shetland’

Tom Kidd; ‘Life In Shetland’

Werner Kissling & Michael Russell;  ‘A Different Country’

Werner Kissling, Michael Russell; ‘A Poem of Remote Lives, Images of Eriskay 1934’

Chris Leslie; ‘Disappearing Glasgow’

Anne Lyden; ‘A Perfect Chemistry: Photographs by Hill & Adamson’

Dr Patricia Macdonald with Prof Angus Macdonald; ‘Airworks’

Dr Patricia Macdonald with Prof Angus Macdonald; ‘Views of Gaia’

Dr Patricia Macdonald with Prof Angus Macdonald; ‘ Shadow of Heaven’

Joseph McKenzie; ‘Pages of Experience, Photography 1947-1987’

Joseph McKenzie; ‘Gorbals CHildren: A Study in Photographs’

Oscar Marzaroli; ‘Glasgow’s People 1956-88’

Oscar Marzaroli; ‘Shades of Grey, Glasgow 1956-86’

Mark Neville; ‘Port Glasgow’

Tom Normand; ‘Scottish Photography, A History’

Martin Parr; ‘Think of Scotland’

Martin Parr; ‘A8’

David Peat; ‘An Eye On The Street’

Glyn Satterley; ‘Going To The Hill, Life On Scottish Sporting Estates’

Glyn Satterley; ‘Life in Caithness and Sutherland’

Glyn Satterley; ‘The Highland Game, Life on Scottish Sporting Estates’

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert; ‘Unsullied & Untarnished’

Iain Stewart; ‘Cape Wrath’

Paul Strand; ‘Tir a’Mhurian’

Gus Wylie; ‘The Hebrideans’

Sara Stevenson, Allen Simpson, Alison Morrison-Low, Ray Mackenzie, James Lawson, Robin Gillanders; ‘Light From The Dark Room, A Celebration of Scottish Photography’

National Galleries of Scotland; ‘Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland’

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland; “Wanderings With A Camera In Scotland, the Photography of Erskine Beveridge”


Journals & Magazines


Notes Magazine – Magazine of the Scottish Photographers network (Back Issues)

Notes Letters to Photography

Portfolio Magazine

Studies in Photography – Scottish Society for the History of Photography

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