The Common Riding

“I’m are very pleased to announce that today Cafe Royal Books, run and published by Craig Atkinson, have published a little limited edition (of 150) ‘zine book of my Common Riding photographs. All the images were shot in 2000, in the Scottish Borders, and 14 of them form the 28page black and white ‘zine.

All the ‘zines are numbered and if you’d like to buy one they can be found here on Cafe Royal Books website and are on sale at £5.00 each, plus package and posting. The ‘zine is published in an edition of 150, but not all of those will go on sale.

Other photographers published by Craig as part of the same series are Homer Sykes, David Levenson, Craig Atkinson, Peter Dench, John Claridge and more. Many great photographers whom I admire, and much great photography. I’m very pleased and excited to have my work alongside the work of them in the series, and I’m grateful to Craig at Cafe Royal Books for his interest in my work and bringing it to a bigger audience. I hope you can take a look.” – Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Curds and Creams Repast, in St. Leonard’s Hut, Hawick. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Cafe Royal Books 2013, all rights reserved.
Catching packets of snuff, at dawn, Hawick. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Cafe Royal Books 2013, all rights reserved.
‘Crying the Langholm fair’, Langholm. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert and Cafe Royal Books 2013, all rights reserved.

See the whole set of Scottish Common Riding photographs, from 2000, in Hawick, Langholm and Selkirk, here.

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