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We’ve decided to showcase some of our many projects and work in a new Document Scotland publication, a 16 page colour newspaper, with the catchy title of DOC001. Primarily designed and published for our own use, we’re so happy with the look of it that we thought we’d also offer them to the readers of the site.

Comprising of four photo essays, ‘SNAW’ by Stephen McLaren, ‘The DUNES’ by Sophie Gerrard, ‘Catching The Tide’ by Colin McPherson and on the sports pages at the back Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s ‘Life In The 3rd’. Each photostory is accompanied by writing from the photographer. But if the pictures are not enough for you, then there is also an essay ‘Focusing on the Flux’ by author and journalist Allan Brown. All pages were designed courtesy of Cabin8Design.

We would love to be able to give away free the newspaper to all those who are interested, but we thought we’d ask for a small cover price. Many of you may have enjoyed the photo essays Document Scotland have published on the site, enjoyed the articles we’ve sourced, the writing we’ve done, and by purchasing a copy of the paper it helps fund the site for another year, helps keep it all going.

***PRINT EDITION IS NOW SOLD OUT VIA THIS ONLINE PAGE***  Whilst we have run out of print copies to sell, there are still copies held and on sale at White Cloth Gallery, Leeds; Street Level Gallery, Glasgow; Good Press Gallery, Glasgow; Impressions Gallery, Bradford; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Many thanks indeed,

the Document Scotland team.

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  1. Congratulations to you all on the launch of your first joint publication! May there be many more to come, and many other exciting times!

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