From the commissioned project, ‘Behind the Scenes’, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2002, all rights reserved.



We are keen to hear from other Scottish photographers, or photographers working in Scotland, and to see your documentary work. If you are interested in submitting work to be included on the site please contact us with a weblink to your images, bio/CV and synopsis of your work. We look forward to speaking, thank you.


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  1. Hello,
    A friend of mine suggested I should contact you about some photo documentation I did on strange Shetland folk traditions. If you look on my website under ‘Skeklers’ you will see some of the images. There was also a short film made about my project which will explain the traditions and concept behind the photographs.
    film: (clutching at straws)

  2. Hi Colin,
    Scotts friend here from NewBedford USA ! Love this site great great work on it brilliant thanks.
    I know my work here isn’t from Scotland & either am I but would you mind taking a quick look at my work please. I would very much value your thoughts Colin on the direction my photographs/work appear to a photographer like yourself & colleagues.
    Thank you Gary.

    Messengers completed project / City Sleepers current not completed.

  3. Hello, I am a Scottish photographer from Arbroath. I am based in New York City and my work has been mostly on contemporary American culture. I would be happy to help any fellow Scottish photographers if they needed a contact in Manhattan. I have lectured at the School of Visual Arts and The International Center of Photography.

    My web site is

    Thank you,


    Scott Houston

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for creating Document Scotland. I believe this is a great idea and project that will become a good reference for everyone interested in the Scottish culture and life.

    In January 2011, I visited Shetland to document and take photographs of the Shetland fire festivals, first at Scalloway and then at Lerwick for Up Helly Aa. I thought you might be interested in seeing the photo story. Here is the link to the page: and to my bio:

    I look forward to hearing from you,



  5. Hi there,

    I’m currently studying my Degree at the City of Glasgow College. As part of my course I undertook a Documentary project, titled ‘My Name Is’. This project follows a gender-queer individual and explores the intimacies of his bedroom and prized possessions. I had originally planned to delve into other elements that shape his life and identity such as his passion for architecture, his interest in future surgery and the use of hormones. I hope to further pursue this project and explore other intimate areas of my subject’s life, expressing to viewers that this individual is human and just like us he has habits, hobbies, aspirations and challenges throughout his life. I have constructed a series of still images with a complimentary voice-over narrative. I believe that this will provide viewers with a much greater understanding of my subject’s experiences and views of living as a gender-queer individual within our current society. I am hoping that viewers will be able to engage with the familiar sound of a human voice. I have also constructed an Identity Questionnaire which I have issued to members of the City of Glasgow College’s LGBTQ Society, individuals who identify as ‘straight’ as well as my subject. Although this project is specific to my current subject, I thought it would be interesting to collect a diverse range of perspectives on the vast concept of identity. The questionnaire asks questions relating to each individuals interpretation of the concepts of love, sexual intercourse, gender, sexuality and identity. Once I have completed documenting Oscar, I would most definitely like to photograph others who identify as LGBT and their unique story.

    Here is the link to my multi-media production:

    Several of my other Documentary projects can be found on this page:

    Thank you for your time,

    Yasmin Soliman.

  6. As part of my recent project ‘Time and tide waits for no man’ looks at the tidal swimming pools of the United Kingdom, including a recent trip to document the last remaining pools in Scotland.

    Please could you consider my work for your website.
    Best regards,

  7. Hello, I am a Spanish photographer based in Glasgow, My work is an on-going documentary based on the observations of our daily life. Street photography for me is a way of looking and exploring the aesthetic perception of beauty, ugliness or the common and unusual. I gather evidence of life on the streets as a reflection of social dynamics and human behaviour. It is real, visceral and sometimes comic”.
    Thanks for your time.
    Monse Orallo

  8. Hi there,
    I am documentary photographer who just moved back home after six years living and working in Edinburgh. A frien of mine who has already submitted work recomended me to submit my images.
    I have a really big body of work from Muirhouse area where I spent the last four years working locally and making this portfolio. You can see some of the series from the area on my website. They are under these titles:
    Everybody kens everybody
    The Sargent boys
    There on the wasteland, we see the horizon

    Thank you!
    Borja Prada García

  9. Hi,

    My name is Will Clark, I am currently studying BA (Hons) at the City of Glasgow College. My work has been mostly on Loneliness within the Deaf community. My projects “Deafness & Loneliness” which is based on personal experiences in my early adulthood when I went through loneliness and isolation due to my deafness. Many Deaf people often experience tremendous loneliness and isolation throughout their childhood, adulthood or even their whole lives, because many people find it very difficult to communicate with Deaf people.

    My website –

    And as a part of my degree work, I created a short atmospheric film which highlights the feelings of loneliness and suicide that deafness can bring and will hopefully encourage more people to learn sign language.

    The Abyss of Loneliness, my short film –

    Many thanks for your time,

    Will Clark

  10. Hi,
    I have been working on a local high street documentary for over a year now. Some of The series can be viewed on my website under “decline of the high street”. This project has elements of personal and other viewed interpretations when viewing the images within the series. Having grown up in Falkirk and seeing what was once a prosperous growing high street full of life I sadly have watched it decay over the years. I feel falkirks high street is one of such rich history considering this was once the residency of John Logie Baird. You will find this series of
    Images to have a chemical reactive tone to them resembling the thoughts and feelings from myself on the state of the town. I feel this series had to be made now seeing such money put into Falkirk regarding the helix and the Falkirk wheel. I feel the local council have not reinvested in what makes Falkirk so special. This series highlights these issues in terms of building state, shop content and signage aswell as typography explaining what is actually going on within the town.

  11. Into the Wynd/Banana Republic

    Last year I returned to Leith Cables Wynd House (Banana Flats). I had not lived there for over 30 years. There began my documentary project photographing the residents to live there now. With over 204 flats and more than 400 people dwelling there, I began the process of photographing residents. In a mix of portraits and some more reportage style, the stories started to emerge. This project is still on-going, but images are on the site. Further to this the Scottish Documentary Institute and Channel 4 funded a short that was premiered at this years EIFF regarding the flats and the work I was doing there. Some wonderful people and some amazing stories that I have only just begun to capture. Hope you like the series.

    Yours faithfully – Derek Anderson

  12. Good morning,

    This website has been a very cool discovery. I’m looking forward to checking it our in more depth but it seems like a great platform for discovering interesting works.

    I am constantly trying to capture the character of Glasgow and its lesser appreciated prettiness amongst the grittiness.



  13. Hi,

    I am a phtographer and filmmaker based in North Berwick. I am currently exhibiting a series of documentary photographs at Fidra Fine Art in North Berwick. Part of the show is a video installation in the local Blachadder church. Please come along if you are in the area, it is open until 27 Nov.
    The work on display is part of my ongoing social media project ‘I See You What You Like’. (see blog)

  14. Hi,

    I am an italian street photographer currently based in Edinburgh. I have been working on my project “No Stone Unturned” over the course of the past 7 months, using a DSLR camera and a smartphone. I was mesmerised by the beauty of “North Sea Fishing” and “Roma Portraits” by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert. I woud love to hearing from you and possibly to get to meet you in person. This is the link:

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