Lucknow To Lahore: Fred Bremner’s Vision of India

‘Lucknow To Lahore: Fred Bremner’s Vision of India’ is the title on a new photographic exhibition which has opened at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Featuring 24 images by Aberdeen-born photographer Fred Bremner, and printed by Pradip Malde from the original glass negatives, the photographs show life on the very north western edge of the British Raj Empire, in the late 19th and early 20th century. Fred Bremner spent 40 years in India.

Sheila Asante from the National Portrait Gallery says, “This is a fantastic opportunity to catch a glimpse of rarely seen images of the Indian empire. Fred Bremner was one of the first photographers to capture the very north-western edge of the British Raj. An accomplished photographer, he had an eye for dynamic compositions. This intimate exhibition of his work offers an extraordinary insight into how one Scot viewed that far-off land.”

Martyn McLaughlin of The Scotsman has a comprehensive write up of the story of photographer Fred Bremner and of his Indian photographic work. And The Herald features a slideshow of Fred Bremner’s Indian photographs.

The Fred Bremner photography show, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, runs until 7th april 2013. More information about the show is available here, and you can also view images from the show.

Fred Bremner’s ‘Lucknow to Lahore’ photo show at Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh.

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