The Johnston Collection

It is with great privilege and excitement here at Document Scotland, that today we run both a selection of images from, and a large article about the impressive Johnston Collection based in Wick, a collection spanning 112 years and encompassing the work of three generations of the Johnston family.

Gutting the Herring. James More’s herring curing station about 1920. The girls worked in “crews” of three, two gutters and one packer. If the fishing was heavy they worked on into the night in all weathers and open to the elements. Estimated date : 1920-1929 ©The Wick Society, all rights reserved.
Delivering herring at Wick, this is the “Sunny Devon”. Estimated date : 1920 – 1929. ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.
A gutter and a cooper packing salt herring into a barrel. Estimated date : 1930 – 1939 ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.
Fifie and zulu sailing drifters in harbour getting ready to sail. Estimated date : 1880 – 1889. ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.
The last Herring queen and her court, Miss Christine Gunn 1953. ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.
Tinker family. Estimated date : 1920 – 1929 ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.
A group portrait of football team in full football strips with four men in suits and silver cup on table. Estimated date : 1900 – 1909 ©The Wick Society, All rights reserved.

Visit the website of The Johnston Collection, and the Johnston Collection Facebook Page.

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