Arbroath by Robert Birtles

Robert Birtles is a landscape and documentary photographer living in Dundee, Scotland. This current body of work by him examines the relationship between the landscapes, culture and traditions of the highland and coastal communities of Scotland.

Robert is currently making photographs documenting the east-coast fishing port of Arbroath. The project explores the town’s romantic bond with the North Sea and the riches its shores provide. For centuries, these waves have carved the identity of this historic community, even reaching global recognition for its famed smoked fish, the ‘Arbroath Smokie’. The project aims to capture an intimate reflection of the town and the people who call Arbroath home. A selection of images from this series was featured at the Contour 001 exhibition in Edinburgh earlier this year (Feb 2020).

All images and text © Robert Birtles, 2020

Robert Birtles on Instagram.

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