Beyond The Border, in our words

There’s a lot going on in DocuScot House, but we wanted to post a couple of items which our great colleagues of Impressions Gallery have kindly made and posted to promote our Beyond The Border show at Impressions, which is running at the gallery until 27th September….

For some background reading, to give the viewers of a show a little idea of what makes us tick as people and photographers, we completed a Q & A prior to the show. You can now read these interviews and download the pdf here! Take a look, if you’ve any questions or thoughts then drop us a note, let us know.

The audience at Impressions Gallery, July 2014 © Sophie Gerrard July 2014
The audience at Impressions Gallery, July 2014 © Sophie Gerrard July 2014

And then, if that wasn’t enough, you can listen to Sophie, Colin and Jeremy talk about the work they exhibit in Beyond The Border photo show. This audio comes from the artist’s talk we did one great sunny afternoon in the gallery in Bradford, in front of a great audience.

We hope you enjoy both these resources, we hope it helps explain our work a little more, or if you haven’t yet be able to make it to the show yet, or the talk, then perhaps it’ll inspire you to make the journey to Impressions Gallery, Bradford. It’s a great gallery, with a great book shop. A highlight of any trip to Bradford!


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