DOC003 Launched!

It is with great pride that today we launch our third Document Scotland publication.

Following on from our two acclaimed and fast-selling newspapers, launched over the last year, we bring you DOC003. We promised you something different this time and are confident this won’t disappoint.

DOC003 is a digital publication – otherwise known as a magazine app! Developed in association with acclaimed Glasgow-based design company Start Digital, it is available as a download through Apple’s App Store and has been designed exclusively to be viewed on the iPad and iPad Mini. And the best part of it – apart from the stunning photography and sleek design – it’s absolutely free!

We were approached by Start Digital around three months ago with the idea of collaborating on a downloadable product. Since then we have been working with them selecting the photography we wish to showcase and tweaking and refining the design elements to make DOC003 intuitive, attractive and interesting. Yolander Yeo from Start Digital, who was responsible for putting the design together said, “Collaborating with Document Scotland was a great experience. As a creative it’s a joy to work with such amazing images. The Document Scotland team fully embraced the opportunities designing for the iPad offers and with the addition of rich media really brought each feature to life.”

DOC003 brings you a story from each of the four Document Scotland photographers. Some of the content is exclusive and new, such as Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s depiction of the Antonine Wall entitled ‘Edge of Empire’ whilst Sophie Gerrard’s intimate portrait of life at the Tunnock’s factory in Uddingston gets the full interactive treatment it so richly deserves. Stephen McLaren’s series on the dookits of Glasgow and Colin McPherson’s timeless photographs of Scotland’s last salmon net fishermen complete the set. Each story is complimented and embellished with audio content and links to other, relevant websites. There are also four stand-alone photographs with individual stories by each photographer.

The partnership with Start Digital is part of Document Scotland’s strategy of working in partnership with like-minded people and organisations, whether it’s an individual photographer, gallery or institution, business or educational establishment. We hope to be able to announce more exciting collaborations in the very near future.

In the meantime, we hope you like DOC003. Please get in touch with your comments and suggestions and we look forward to hearing from you – and keeping you guessing what DOC004 will look and feel like!

The Document Scotland Team.

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4 thoughts on “DOC003 Launched!

  1. Fantastic news. Delighted you’ve gone digital – hot footing it to download now.
    Enjoyed first two and looking forward with expectation to latest offering. Best wishes to all involved. Charlie

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