Taylor joins Document Scotland for his student placement

Hello, my name is Taylor Cowe and I am a photography student from Aberdeen. I am currently studying photography at Edinburgh Napier University, and I am undertaking a placement with Document Scotland over the next few months.

My main interests are within documentary photography, and I will be using this opportunity to get a closer look at some of the works featured on the webpage and to gain experience through working closely with the collective and interacting with a broader area of the industry though the platform.

Some of my images are shown below in order to give a better idea of the kind of work that I am making at the moment. The images are from a recent visit to the Speyside Cooperage in 2023, where I followed around one of the coopers as they made and repaired barrels.   

By the end of the placement, I aim to produce a piece of writing for the website that looks closer into some of the works that have been featured over the last decade with additional research and interviews, hopefully giving insight into the works and also into the collective itself.

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