‘Glasgow Effect’.

The Human Endeavour Collective will be exhibiting for the third time as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe, having exhibited in 2008 and 2010 with the backing of the Arts Council England. Acting as an evolving platform for contemporary photographic practice, Human Endeavour aims to explore and reflect the sociological and political impacts of poverty and housing in the 21st century.

GLASGOW EFFECT is a multimedia documentary photography project that examines why, in Glasgow you are more likely to self harm, suffer from behavioural problems, commit suicide or acts of violence and ultimately die a premature death than in any other post industrial city in the UK.

Wonky Goalposts, Glasgow, Scotland, 2010 © Alex Currie 2010, all rights reserved.

Taking inspiration from Human Endeavour’s ongoing work ‘Degeneration’, GLASGOW EFFECT aims to take a more nuanced look at the sociological and political implications that culminate in a collective malaise, and continues to impact severely upon the physical and mental health of the people of Glasgow. Still in it’s exploratory stage, Richard Chivers and Alex Currie have been joined by renowned Glaswegian filmmaker and photographer Chris Leslie to explore some of the issues surrounding this.

Human Endeavour Collective



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