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It’s always a nice way to start the day when a beautiful new publication arrives on your doorstep. What made yesterday even better was that the publication was unexpected, and that Document Scotland are featured in it.

The Bigger Picture: The Work of Impressions Gallery is a clever and comprehensive retrospective of Impressions Gallery.


“Since 1972 Impressions Gallery has changed the face of photography in the UK”. This beautiful book tells “the story of the gallery’s past, present and future; championing photography in Britain and beyond.”


We’re delighted to be included in such a publication and in such esteemed company as Anna Fox, Murray Ballard, Tessa Bunney, Melanie Friend, Paul Reas and many more. The book includes a spread about Document Scotland’s exhibition “Beyond The Border: New Contemporary photography from Scotland” in the summer of 2014, curated by the gallery’s director, Anne McNeill and is accompanied by a quote about the exhibition from Brian Liddy, Associate Curator of the National Media Museum, “Document Scotland occupies the latest in a long and rich tradition of Scottish documentary photography… the imminence of the vote only makes the exhibition even more pointed and offers a refreshing antidote to the hectoring of politicians on the subject.”





Learn more about Impressions Gallery, their current and previous exhibitions and projects on their website

See more images of the book’s creative design and content here


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Common Ground – our new publication

We’re delighted to announce that to accompany our ‘Common Ground’ exhibition at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, we have self-published an 84-page colour publication, and one which we can offer exclusively for sale here.


Including two photo essays from each Document Scotland member, Sophie Gerrard, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Colin McPherson and Stephen McLaren, ‘Common Ground’ takes a look at contemporary Scotland as the country stands on the verge of making a political decision which, whatever the outcome, will resonate through the ages. From the common riding festivals of the Scottish Borders, to the women farmers who work the land, a walk along the Scottish-English border or a car road trip through the streets and daily life of Scotland, this publication showcases new projects completed with assistance from Creative Scotland, for our current Street Level Photoworks exhibition.





This publication also introduces work by our colleagues and friends at the Welsh photography collective A Fine Beginning – James O Jenkins, Abbie Trayler-Smith, Gawain Barnard and Jack Latham, work which can also be seen in the ‘Common Ground’ exhibition.

We are delighted to also include essays by Malcolm Dickson, curator and director at Street Level Photoworks, and Anne McNeill, director of Impressions Gallery, Bradford and curator of our ‘Beyond The Border’ show which runs at Impressions Gallery until September 27th.



We are very proud to be able to present two photographs by Glasgow-born photojournalist Harry Benson CBE, who has graciously accepted an invite to become Document Scotland’s Honorary Patron. Stephen McLaren recently journeyed to New York to meet with Harry and his wife Gigi, and in an essay he recounts this meeting, along with the two historical photographs Harry chose for the publication from his archive.

The 84-page, A4-sized, full colour publication, which has a print run of 1,000, was designed by Cabin8Design – the same artists who beautifully designed our first two newspapers.

To purchase a copy please use the buttons below, if you have any problems just give us a shout!  It costs £10.00 GBP per copy, plus postage.

We are pleased to make this contribution to Scottish photography in this landmark year for our nation’s history, and we hope you too will enjoy the work within it.

Cost incl P&P

Many thanks indeed,

Sophie, Jeremy, Colin and Stephen.





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‘Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper

Document Scotland are delighted to announce that to coincide with our first collaborative group exhibition, ‘Seeing Ourselves’, we’ve published a newspaper showcasing the fine documentary photography work from the show. A certain amount of the papers will be available for free at the gallery and exhibition, to thank you for making the effort to come along and see the show, but for those of you unable to travel to Fife for the show, the paper can be bought via this page for a nominal fee.

Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


The work on show, and in the newspaper, will feature photography by the four founding members of Document Scotland (Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Colin McPherson, Stephen McLaren and Sophie Gerrard), along with work by six contemporary photographers working in Scotland – Radek Nowacki, Jenny Wicks, Martin Hunter, Giulietta Verdon-Roe, Sarah Amy Fishlock and Robert Ormerod.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


‘Seeing Ourselves’ aims to hold a mirror up to life in Scotland today and reflect some of the social, political, environmental and economic issues facing the country at this pivotal time in our shared history.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.

Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


Document Scotland’s ‘DOC002, Seeing Ourselves’ newspaper.


The newspaper is printed in full colour, over 24 pages, and features a double page spread of images by each of the 10 photographers involved in the exhibition, there is also an editorial essay by Docment Scotland.

Document Scotland is a not for profit registered company, and all proceeds of the sale go back into financing this website, and helping fund furthers shows and publications. Many thanks for your interest and support, we greatly appreciate it.

‘Seeing Ourselves’ will open at FOTOSPACE Gallery, Fife on June 3 until July 30th, 2013. The show has been curated by Document Scotland, in association with Colin Cavers of the Fife Photo Group.


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DOC001 newspaper

Document Scotland newspaper. Available now to purchase.

Document Scotland newspaper DOC001 released January 2013 limited edition – NOW SOLD OUT


We’ve decided to showcase some of our many projects and work in a new Document Scotland publication, a 16 page colour newspaper, with the catchy title of DOC001. Primarily designed and published for our own use, we’re so happy with the look of it that we thought we’d also offer them to the readers of the site.

Comprising of four photo essays, ‘SNAW’ by Stephen McLaren, ‘The DUNES’ by Sophie Gerrard, ‘Catching The Tide’ by Colin McPherson and on the sports pages at the back Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s ‘Life In The 3rd’. Each photostory is accompanied by writing from the photographer. But if the pictures are not enough for you, then there is also an essay ‘Focusing on the Flux’ by author and journalist Allan Brown. All pages were designed courtesy of Cabin8Design.


Document Scotland newspaper. Available now to purchase from the Publications page.

Stephen McLaren – ‘Snaw’


Document Scotland newspaper. Available now to purchase from the Publications page.

Colin McPherson – ‘Caught in Time’


Document Scotland newspaper. Available now to purchase from the Publications page.

Sophie Gerrard – ‘The Dunes’



Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert – ‘Life In The 3rd’


We would love to be able to give away free the newspaper to all those who are interested, but we thought we’d ask for a small cover price. Many of you may have enjoyed the photo essays Document Scotland have published on the site, enjoyed the articles we’ve sourced, the writing we’ve done, and by purchasing a copy of the paper it helps fund the site for another year, helps keep it all going.


Whilst we have run out of print copies to sell, there are still copies held and on sale at White Cloth Gallery, Leeds; Street Level Gallery, Glasgow; Good Press Gallery, Glasgow; Impressions Gallery, Bradford; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Many thanks indeed,

the Document Scotland team.

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